Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 years and one day ago.....


To celebrate this monumental occasion, mom, Kristi, Karoline, Payton and I went out to Pops for lunch yesterday. We had a blast!! And I must say, as far as 9 years olds go, this guy is definitely the sweetest I've ever seen. He spent the whole ride out to Arcadia and back, with his head on my shoulder. At one point, I was leaning up to the front seat to get some grown up talk with my mom and sis, but he wasn't having any of that. He pulled me back just so he could cuddle up next to me. Sweetest thing to ever happen to me. =) Oh, AND, after his little sister started throwing a little fit outside and her big, mean, aunt Annie tried to send her back inside (so her mom could deal with her), he offered to walk her back even though she was screaming and crying directly at him. How many big brothers would do that???

He's also the smartest little guy I've ever met. Just ask him about times tables, the United States, or anything sports related, and he'll answer ever question you shoot his way. I think there actually might be a whole part of his brain that is used only for sports. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. LBC, I think your hubby may have met his match. Payto could take on his sports knowlege anyday!

Anyway, this was my first time to Pops. Have you all ever been there? It's crazy fun, especially if you're with some little ones. There's a ridiculous assortment of pops (duh) and you can build your own 6 packs to take home with you. We made it out of there with no less than 30 sodas.
After lunch, P and K took me outside to play. We raced (they raced), and jumped off benches (I might have pulled something after my jump), and then they showed me their dances from their recent P.E. Program. Here's K doing a little jig.

And here's P with his sweet jump!! I gave him 10 points AND the win for the jumping contest. K didn't really like that, but she couldn't argue with the bday boy. Or his sweet moves.

Then my camera died because I never charge it. But obviously you can see we had a great time.
1. Being an aunt to two such amazing kids.
2. Getting Easter baskets at work.
3. Driving home without hitting one red light.
4. Target...so I can forever avoid Wal-Mart.
5. The Asian market.

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