Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A cure for the Tuesday blues.

There was really only one word for my mood yesterday, and that was GRUMPY. Tuesday was just not my day. Did you know that realizing you've lost your car keys exactly 3 minutes before you leave for work is not the ideal way to start the day? Nor is having to force your sick boyfriend out of bed to take you to work. He was less than thrilled about the situation, especially since my car was parked behind his in the driveway. Oops. But I made it. And keys were later found. But still, my mood had not picked up at all. But when I was suddenly blessed with a two hour lunch break, things started to look up. The sun shone a little brighter, and I suddenly had hopes that maybe this Tuesday wasn't so bad after all. And really, how can you be in a bad mood when you go home for lunch and see this smiling face??

I was feeling better already. Then I walked into the laundry room to find mom giving Billy a bath, which in my opinion is one of the sillier looking things in life.

Have you ever seen what a Cavalier does after a bath? I don't know if all dogs do this, but both of the Cavs in my life have always totally spazed out after a bath. They roll around on the floor, fling their little bodies onto every piece of furniture, and basically have what my family likes to call a "one dog party."

Here's Billy having a party on the couch. He fell off about 7 times. And I was laughing so hard I could barely speak. What a weird little dog.

Anyway, I left my mom's house feeling very optimistic. It's amazing what a few hours at home with mom and a few crazy dogs will do for your mood. Not that I was thrilled with going back to work, but what else would I be doing on a Tuesday afternoon?

When I got back to work, this is what I found.

These are our geese. They live around the building during the spring, and I haven't seen them in a few weeks and was getting worried that they'd left us for a cushier building. Maybe a building who's parking lot had more potholes full of water for them to play in. Or less children running in and out to chase them around. Even though they return to our building year after year, I was just sure they had tired of us and moved on. But really, they were off making babies. And yesterday, I found them and their babies waddling across the parking lot. Aren't they the cutest things?? How could I not feel good after seeing that?

After spotting the geese, my bad mood had totally lifted. The afternoon flew by, I got off work early, and I went to Zumba class with Biz. It turned out to be a pretty perfect Tuesday afternoon. And have you ever done Zumba?? There is absolutely no way to be even the slightest bit grumpy after a class like that. I salsa-ed, ramba-ed, and shook my booty like nobody's business. And then I came home and made a surprisingly delicious dinner with boyfriend.

I say "surprisingly delicious" because we had little on hand, and basically just threw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, with no idea how any of it would taste. Not only did it look pretty great, it actually tasted pretty great too.

I would give you a recipe for this, but there's really not much to say. I threw some chicken breasts in a bowl, poked a bunch of holes in them, dumped some Italian dressing in there and let them sit a few minutes. After cooking those until they were nice and brown (and not completely overdone as per usual, shocker!), we put them on top of some generously buttered pasta, added some carrots, snow peas, cubed cheese and parsley and tossed it all together. I added a little more Italian dressing and parm cheese and it was pretty dang delish. Sort of like a warm pasta salad. And it finally proved to boyfriend that you really can make something yummy out of all the random scraps you find in your fridge.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a happy Tuesday. And if it wasn't happy, I hope today is better. And remember, today is Earth Day, and if you're in OK, it's going to be summer like weather, so get outside and plant something. Or take out all your recycling. Or call a friend and carpool to work. Whatever you do, keep it Earth friendly. =)

1. Paul Frank pajama pants.
2. Blueberry yogurt.
3. DayQuil and Robitussin for sick boyfriends.
4. Zumba class...and my free month of Jazzercise
5. Having a friend back from the island!

I apologize for the randomness of this post. I realize none of it makes sense or really has anything to do with anything. But all of these things made me happy yesterday, and I thought that if they had that effect on me, they might have the same on you. Happy Earth Day!

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