Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Up To No Good

Happy April Fool's Day!! Did you pull and pranks on anyone? Or were you played the fool? I decided to treat today just like any other holiday, which means I baked cupcakes. Aren't they pretty?

This was my first time to make buttercream icing and I don't know why I haven't done it before. It was so simple and delicious. Now I know why my dad loves it so much. I guess I've never really wanted to make it because I've never really liked it. I'm more of a cream cheese icing girl. And I've never really liked "store bought" icing, no matter where it's from. When I was little, I wouldn't even touch a cake if it was store bought. I was a cake snob. Little did I know that my grandma was actually making me yellow cake from a box with chocolate icing from a can. I thought it was made from scratch! That sneaky grandma, I'm gonna have to have a few words with her.

And back to my point....what's a holiday without some treats? I decided to whip up some cupcakes. I knew I'd be seeing my niece and nephew today, so I thought I'd have a little fun with it, especially since it's April Fool's Day!

So look what I did...

I swirled some food coloring into the unbaked white cake so there would be a little surprise in each one. I didn't really know what would happen, but when I took them out of the oven they were tie dyed and bright and colorful and psychedelic. Sweet!

Aren't they fun?! I love the one on the left. It reminded me of a peppermint and Christmas.
The only thing I'll do differently next time is fill the cupcake liners halfway, then drop in some food coloring, and add more batter. That way the colorful swirls will go all through the cupcake, instead of just the tops, like these turned out. And I'll definitely have to try out my neon food coloring next time as well.
Anyway, next time you're baking up a batch of white or vanilla cake or cupcakes, add a little fun to it and swirl in some food coloring. And make sure to top them off with white icing. No one will even suspect you were up to something.

For the cupcakes:
1 box of Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix
(Very creative, I know. But dang, it was good!)
1 cup softened butter. (two sticks)
3 cups powdered sugar
a pinch of salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. milk
Place butter in bowl, and beat on low speed until smooth and creamy. Add powdered sugar, vanilla, salt and milk and blend until smooth. Icing will be thick. If you want it to be thinner, add more milk by the tsp. until desired consistency. I personally like it thick becasue it's easier to use. I think the amount of powdered sugar can be adjusted to your taste too. I may use a little less next time, but I'll let you know after my dad has one tomorrow. He's the official judge of all things buttercream, so I'll let you know what he says. Enjoy!
1. My new computer!! It's about time I have one of my own.
2. Cupcake liners in primary colors.
3. Earbuds to drown out the music and noise at K's dance studio.
4. ANTM. It's a guilty pleasure.
5. Twizzlers. Yum.

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