Thursday, June 4, 2009


Besides this...

And one very awesome brother......

(looking quite dashing, I might add)

my favorite thing about California was this place.....

Well, maybe not THAT place (I don't really know how I'd get up there). I'm talking about Muir Woods. Muir Woods is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Northern California. More specifically, it's about 12 miles north of San Francisco.

It is, quite simply, breathtaking.

I was there for a mere (or Muir? hehe) 45 minutes, but I took about 847 pictures in that time. And I've decided that my next vacation to California will be based completely around these woods. I can't wait to hike up the trails on the side of mountains that lead you up to the canopy where you can walk among the tops of the trees. How cool would that be???

The climate alone is reason enough to come. It was cool and misty, and the air was so fresh and crisp, it made me totally forget that I have asthma. It was nothing like the smoggy air of L.A., or even the humid and stuffy air around Oklahoma. Certain types of salmon and trout come through these waters just because of the amount of oxygen it contains. If I were a fish, or really any animal, this is where I would call home.

These are Coast Redwood trees, not to be confused with their close relative, the Sequoai Redwood which is found farther north. The Coast Redwood grows much taller while the Sequoai is much bigger around. They must be huge, because these guys were HUGE!

The cool thing is that because it's a national park, it's all protected. And when a natural disaster happens, like a fire (which is good; it clears away the brush), or lightening strikes a tree down, the fallen trees are left there to remain apart of their surroundings.

Some of the trees in these woods are over 2000 years old.

And some of the visitors in these woods are tiny, like me for instance. Whatever you do, next time you find yourself in California, or anywhere on the West Coast for that matter, please make your way over to Muir Woods. I know I will. And don't forget your camera!

1. Grill pans.
2. Sleeping in your childhood bed.
3. Rolling Stone magazine.
4. The Fleet Foxes.
5. Cheerios and bananas.

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  1. grace #5. cheerios and bananas.
    agree. have you had a chance to try the banana flavored cheerios? very nice....maybe even grace-worthy?! Im just sayin.