Friday, June 12, 2009


I love OKC. Have I said that before? Get used to hearing it, because I'll probably say it a lot in this blog's lifetime.

Not many people understand the wonderfulness that is OKC. Outsiders tend to think that we still drive on dirt roads and ride horses to school. True story. I left OKC for a short time to go to school in Kansas, and even people there thought we rode horses everywhere. I was like "You're from Kansas! It's the same freakin' thing." Anyway, needless to say, I don't appreciate any trash talking OKC. It's clean and pretty and the people are ridiculously nice. Not to mention the low cost of living, not-to-terrible traffic, and change in the seasons. It's a great place. A place that I may leave at some point, but will surely return to and will forever call home.


If you're needing another reason to think that OKC is super cool, then check out the deadCENTER Film Festival.

Yes, that's right, OKC has it's own independent film festival. The festival started in 2001 and has grown year after year. I happen to know from experience just how fun this festival is. Last year I watched a movie in a tent behind some silos during a torrential downpour in a pool of red mud. And I loved every second of it.

This year's fest has already started, and unfortunately I missed the opening night. It was a screening of "Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo" on Historic Film Row, which means they blocked off a small street in downtown OKC and showed the movie right there in the street. I was at a play a few blocks away, so I missed it, but lucky for me they are showing it again tonight at the art museum. Saturday night will feature "Peace, Love, and Wavy Gravy" followed by the festival awards ceremony and "Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie." All will be happening on a field right outside of Bricktown. There will be beer tents, and free yoga, and general "hippiness" going on and I can't wait.

If you're in the OKC area this weekend, please make an effort to make it to the deadCENTER. With 100+ films to watch, and 8 different venues to watch them in, there's really no reason to not make it. Support your local festivals, artists, movie makers, entertainers and all the people who have worked so hard to make this happen. Like my dad, for instance. He's known as the "rock star" of the deadCNETER Advisory Committee and Staff.

See you all on Saturday night at 3rd and E.K. Gaylord!


1. Lunch with my girlfriends.

2. Dot Wo, the best Chinese restaurant in OKC.

3. Getting so into a book that you fall asleep dreaming about it.

4. LOST season 3. It's getting weird, but I love it.

5. The Drowsy Chaperone

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