Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Frustration takes over...

I had great plans for this blog entry. I was going to dazzle you all with beautiful pictures from my California vacation and wow you with stories of celebrities, wine, and sunshine. But then I tried to upload photos on here, and seeing as how I know next to nothing about computers and pictures, it didn't quite go as I planned. I uploaded a few that turned out to be the wrong pics. Deleted. Uploaded more. Deleted. Uploaded one last batch. Backwards. Why it is so hard to just put a few pictures up here to share with you all? I ended up wasting way too much of my afternoon for nothing, and I might have even blurted out a few of my favorite curse words. So, until I can figure out how to do this without getting flustered, here's a little grace.

1. Spending a few days in L.A. with my brother.
2. Spotting not one, but two celebrities at my hotel.
3. Secret Service giving us directions to Rodeo Drive.
4. Seeing giant Redwood trees up close. Magical.
5. Staying in the same hotel, at the same time, as President Obama. True story.

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