Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.a list.

A list of Loves:
.journals/notebooks/sketch pads. anywhere you can put your thoughts on paper.
.cookbooks. i read them like novels.
.babies. especially fat ones.
.stories from or about my grandparents.
.lists. (!)
.handmade gifts.
.the Wii.
.having friends I've known for 20 years.
.my sis-in-law.
.full circle bookstore.
.Johnny Depp.
.live music.
.cheese. pretty much all of it.
.grand lake.
.mix tapes.
.peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
.being barefoot.
.reading for hours without interruption.
.date nights.
.baking/cooking/creating in the kitchen.
.noise and chaos.
.the zoo.
.Neil Young.
.having my eyes opened to something new.
.farmer's market.
.fresh anything...food, flowers, music, love.
.my dogs. past and present.
.decorative trays.
.the color green.
.dates with myself.
.wild flowers.
.my big family.
.the perfect song at the perfect moment.
.homemade ice cream.
.Christmas cookies.
.birthday presents.
.fall, winter and spring.
.anything I can eat. except black olives. yuck.

1. 2 Buck Chuck, aka. Charles Shaw wine.
2. The New Pornographers.
3. Having to stop short on a list of loves because there are too many to list.
4. Seeing things from a different point of view.
5. Grandparents.

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