Friday, June 5, 2009


Today is Friday, and it's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the skies are clear, and there's virtually no wind. It's also my bestest buddy's birthday, and I have the day off. One word to describe this day: perfect. But as I'm driving home on this perfect day, from a perfect lunch followed by perfect errands, my windshield gets pelted by some sort of orange smoothie in the middle of the highway. The car in front of me, filled with grown adults, is throwing the contents of it's fast food lunch onto the road behind it, or more specifically, directly onto my windshield. This really pisses me off. I have enough road rage already, but to get pelted by some white trash litter bug on the middle of the highway just really pushes me over the edge. I got out from behind this car as quickly as I could, with plans of driving by with my finger sticking out the window. But as I drove up next to them, I decided that maybe giving them the finger wasn't the best idea. They looked like the kind of people who would probably follow me home and beat me up if I showed them how I really felt. So I did nothing, but in my mind, the fact that they have to live their life being the trash they are should be punishment enough. And as if their inconsiderate behavior wasn't enough, about five cars ahead of them, was some giant pick up truck on steroids that was sputtering out so much exhaust I had to roll up my windows. No wonder Oklahoma ranks as one of the least green states. Please people, don't lay that trash on Oklahoma!

1. Littering fines, although they should be higher.
2. A brand new cook book.
3. I love baby K, too!
4. Drug Store french fries.
5. LBC on her 26th birthday!!!! Happy Birthday, Gingersnap! You make me very happy =)

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  1. I got a grace! wow i am so happy! and i am slowly learning to fit blogging into my busy schedule. Hence the fact that I am in the middle of it at 1am on a friday night!
    grace: getting to see annie's bright smile every monday and tuesday!