Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mag Hag

I tend to treat book stores like libraries. I go in, walk around aimlessly for way too long, picking up books and magazines along the way. Then I settle in a chair, or corner of the coffee shop, and copy recipes, take notes from reference books, and sometimes read a chapter or two of the latest best seller and then I just get up and leave it all there for someone else to put away. I don't think that's exactly what they had in mind when these places opened, but it's always worked for me, so I see no problem in it.

Occasionally I purchase a book or two. Today I came home with this handful of magazines. Cosmopolitan for my fashion and love advice, and because it's a guilty pleasure of mine. You love it too, just admit it. Then we have Real Simple, Gourmet and Bon Appetit for my foody pleasure. I love reading magazines that have anything to do with food. Or crafts. Not that I'm very crafty, but sometimes reading a crafty magazine like Real Simple or Martha Stewart makes me feel crafty, so it's almost the same as being crafty, right? Right. Anyway, I'm looking for some inspiration in the kitchen department lately and these magazines should do the trick. I'll keep you updated on any good finds. Or not. I tend to sort of "forget" about my little blog here, so I might completely forget I even told you about this. Haven't I mentioned my memory loss before?

I also picked up my weekly copy of the Oklahoma Gazette. This week's issue features their annual "Best of OKC" poll, which is a survey for the best food, drink, arts, entertainment, services and people in OKC. I think the nominees for this years survey are some of the best yet. I've already voted twice, and I think you should too! Vote for the Norman Music Festival, vote for the deadCENTER, vote for La Baguette, vote for Lauren Corbyn Interiors. Or vote for whoever tickles your fancy. All the nominees deserve some recognition for all the hard work they put into what they do. So go pick up a copy and exercise your right to vote!

I'm now off to ogle and drool over Bake it Pretty.

1. Computer-free days.
2. Grand Lake for the 3rd weekend in a row.
3. look me up and be my friend! User name: Wallycado. Duh.
4. Cooler weather. "Cooler" meaning anything UNDER 100 degrees.
5. Passion Pit.

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