Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry if I offend you.....

I've got things to say today. Does that surprise you? I mean, I'm normally a pretty quiet person. I like to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself, which is why I'm so terrible at blogging, and even worse at carrying on a conversation with a stranger. But, like I've said before, I blame my parents for my quiet nature; they were always talking too much for me to get a word in! Of course, this works to my advantage when I'm out amongst strangers in the presence of my parents because they can get things done, as opposed to taking an extra 30 minutes to do anything, like me. I could use some of their gusto.

Anyway, today I've got things to say! Opinions that need to be voiced! Music that needs to be praised! And responsibilities to avoid!

So let's get started.

Normally I would in no way try to voice my religious or political opinions on here. Partly because my religious and political views have been known to change on a daily basis. Also, it's not really my place to say what should or should not be done/believed/worshiped/preached/taught/etc. And also, that's not what this blog is about. It's a place of happiness for me; a place full of cupcakes and music and pictures of my dogs. If I suddenly went all "Pro-choice" (or, to be fair, "pro-life") on you all, I'd probably scare you off. Hell, I'd scare myself off. But today I read something about the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (whose website I will not link too. The site name is too offensive for me to type, or click on). You know them, they sang a Christmas song about Santa Clause being a f*g? And they protest military funerals? And they partake in regular demonstrations of dumbassery? Remember? Yeah, sorry for reminding you about them. I was a little upset about being reminded of them as well, until I realized that tomorrow they will be here in my state and my city and that, ladies and gentlemen, really pisses me off. Go ahead, give the article* a read. It's from the cool dudes over at TheLostOgle*. They say everything I'd like to say but am too chicken (and not quite cool enough) to say. And because they did such a good job of expressing exactly how I feel about these people, I won't say any more on the subject. EXCEPT that anyone who thinks they are doing God's work by bringing violence and hatred into this world is not only sorely mistaken, but incredibly small minded and flat out stupid. And I don't like stupid people.
*note: if you click on the word "article" it will take you directly to said article. Click on The Lost Ogle for the link to the main page of their site.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest we can move on to bigger and better things.

Last night The Flaming Lips performed a song from their new album on The Colbert Report. I, sadly and unfortunately, saw everything except the performance (damn TiVo) but I did get to see Mr. Coyne's interview, confirming once more just how much I love him. It was after the interview, and TiVo cutting off the performance, that boyfriend's brother asked if we thought we'd still like Wayne and the Flaming Lips if they weren't from OKC? I got his point; they are weird and different, and their music is loud and sort of spastic and psychedelic all at the same time, and their lyrics cover everything from love, life and politics, to aliens, pink robots and magicians. But my answer is still a very loud and proud YES. YES a million times! I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to get enough of them. Check out ColbertNation to listen to the Lips' new album coming out October 13. "Embryonic," that's all you need to know.

Have you all ever seen the video for Man Man's "Rabbit Habits?" Check it out. It will slightly weird you out and tug at your heartstrings all at the same time. Which clearly means it's awesome.

One more thing. In exactly 8 days, I will officially be a first time HOME OWNER! Anyone have a TV they want to donate to me? How about a washer and dryer? Couch? Lawn mower? Garden gnome? Clearly, I'm very prepared.

1. Growing up in a family and church that taught love and acceptance for all.
2. Fall weather!
3. Buying my first piece of furniture.
4. And a set of dishes. (From an antique store...and I looooove them!)
5. Chili-Rig, my version of Chili-Mac.


  1. Hi Annie,

    Congrats on the house. Very exciting. Let us know if there is anything you need. Take care!! We miss you guys!!

  2. Annie, I'm enjoying your blog! Lizzie told me about it.

    Susan Daniel