Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafting for dummies (like me)

I love me a good craft project. The thing is though, I very rarely complete one start to finish. I start out with good intentions, but somewhere around the half-way mark of a project, my mind starts to wander and I totally lose interest. I have a suitcase full of glitter, stickers, glue, markers, tape, and everything Christmas from my misadventure in making Christmas cards last year. I think I completed three of them before I realized that my Christmas cards looked more like something your child (if you had one) would bring home from school in kindergarten than a posh greeting card made by a super hip 25 year old. BUT I tried, and that's what counts, right? Never mind.

Today I'm going to show you my latest craft project. It's quick and super simple, and I came up with it all by my lonesome. Impressed? Yeah, I was too.

I was asked to make cupcakes for a baby shower last weekend. My cousin's wife (who I was making the cupcakes for) wanted "something cute" to put in the cupcakes. Hmm, something cute? For babies? That left a lot of options. So I wandered around Michael's Craft Store for a while searching for inspiration. I found lots, but crafts are expensive, and I needed something cheap. So I went to the aisle that always makes me feel like I'm saving money, even if I'm not: the paper aisle. You can buy single sheets of adorable paper for pennies. Or $.69. Whatever.

Here's the paper I picked:

Adorable, no?

I also bought this hole punch (the yellow thing) and I used it to punch out the little circles of helicopters, submarines, and airplanes.

Then I took my glue stick, and put glue on the back of the circles, working one circle at a time.

And I stuck the circle to a plastic stick that I found in the cupcake aisle. (Actually it was in the wedding aisle, but the sticks are intended for cupcakes.)

I glued another circle to the other side, choosing between green stripes, and blue polka dots.

I glued and glued and glued until I had 30 little pops and sticky fingers. It helps if you recruit your mom half way through. Moms are crafty too!

I was really happy with the outcome. What do you think?

I think the helicopters are my favorite.

So next time you're asked to do something crafty, don't fear! It's easy to find a simple alternative to whatever you're trying to make. And if you ever need some baby shower cupcakes, you know who to call.
1. Having so many people to help me move that I had to send a few of them home.
2. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs.
3. Allergy shots. Ouch!
5. October!!


  1. Those are great! Great craft. I'll have to remember this one.

  2. These are really cute, Annie!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments!