Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Can I please tell you how excited I am for Oklahoma City? Yesterday OKC voted on the MAPS3 Proposal and I'm happy to tell you that it PASSED!  Now our city can join the ranks of other major cities. We can add beautiful parks, walking trails and events centers to our list of atributes. And finally, finally, we'll have the transit system we deserve. I'm excited for the future of this wonderful city, not just for myself, but for my young cousins that are already here, and for all the future children to come in my family. The OKC that they will grow up will be a completely different city than the one I grew up in, and while I've always loved this place, I can't wait to see what the future holds.  To find out what this proposal has to offer, go here.  Also, here are two of my favorite letters to the editor in the OK Gazette. This one is written by my cousin and this one is written by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. But I promise, I'd love both articles no matter who wrote them.

1. Pups who watch TV. It's hilarious.
2. The Christmas Tree at my mom's house, that is still decorated by us as a family, and is never overdone.
3. A beautifully sunny but cold and crisp day. It's 19 degrees outside, but the skies are clear blue and the air is clean and fresh. I love it.
4. Barefoot wine. It's cheap and delicious.
5. December birthdays!  Happy Birthday to Linda, Bizzy, Mike, Lauren, and Matt!

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