Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And it was all yellow

It started with a yellow hoodie.

The morning of my birthday was dark and stormy, so I put on my yellow hoodie to bring some brightness to the day. Then came a scarf full of bright colors, lots of yellow. At lunch that day, my friend gave me a bouquet of yellow flowers. When I got home, there was a package on my porch...the yellow shoes I had ordered a week before. Within the next few days, my house became flooded with yellow by way of daffodils.

And so that's how yellow became my power color for 29.

Some of my favorite facts about yellow:
-yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy
-yellow means joy and happiness
-yellow produces a warming effect
-yellow is associated with food
-yellow brings clarity and awareness
-always use yellow post-its

So bring it on 29, I'm armed and ready.

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